Public Radio Fan Browser

A SlimServer Plugin for browsing the site which maintains a database of shows played on Public Radio Stations. When you activate the Plugin, it will allow you to select Music vs. NonMusic, then list the shows available to play at the current time.

This Plugin was originally written by Ted Rathkopf in 2003 for SlimServer v4.x. It has been updated three times since its release, by kdf, to function with SlimServer 5.x and 6.x, and now Squeezebox Server 7.x.

Version 7:

Version 0.7.5 is a rewrite of the plugin to support Squeezebox Server. This version is only compatible with Squeezebox Server 7.0-7.5. This version of the plugin has the ability to play MP3, Windows Media and Ogg Vorbis program streams. However, by default it is set to gather only MP3 streams, like the original version of the plugin.

Version 0.7.5 now has a settings page one the "Plugins" tab of the Squeezebox Center "Settings" page. This page allows the user to choose their local Time Zone and the stream formats to retrieve from the directory. By default it is set to gather only MP3 streams, like all previous versions of the plugin. It can also be set to retrieve MP3, WindowsMedia and Ogg Vorbis streams if you have a Squeezebox2 or newer. If you are familar with the site, this plugin also supports their "What's on now" vs. "What's on now or soon" feature.

User Interface:

It has been brought to my attention that the interface for this plugin can cause some confusion. The only way to access the plugin is through either a hardware player (SliMP3, Squeezebox 1/2/3, etc.) or SoftSqueeze. There are no web-based controls for the plugin in the Squeeze Center web interface. A web interface has been a much requested feature, one that even the original creator would like. After speaking with Ted Rathkopf about the possibility of developing one he stated that he had not created a web interface at the request of The logic is that a Slim Device is just acting as a browser and that is fine, but re-presenting the data provided by in a web browser is to close too the service that provides.

Basic Installation:

Download the package

Unzip it and place it in the Plugins Directory of Squeezebox Server.

For a Windows system, for example, this is likely to be:

  C:\Program Files\Squeezebox\server\Plugins

On a Mac this will be in:

  Home > Library > Application Support > Squeezebox > Plugins

For Linux servers, the plugins directory is typically:

  /usr/share/Squeezebox/Plugins, /usr/local/Squeezebox/Plugins or /opt/Squeezebox/Plugins.

Once the plugin is installed, restart Squeezebox Server.

Then navigate to the "Plugins" tab of the "Settings" page. You should see Browser in the list.

Follow the "Settings" link to the right of the description to set your Time Zone and Stream Formats.

Again, the only way to use the plugin is through a hardware player or softsqueeze. If it has loaded correctly, you should find it in the Internet Radio Menu as " Streams". From there you can select either "Music" or "Non-Music" streams.

This website's existence is implicit consent for the plugins to be downloaded, used, tweaked, reworked, and redistributed at will. I am always interested in hearing constructive thoughts on them.

April 27, 2010